1923 - 2005

Writing as: N. J. Crisp

The N.J. stood for Norman James. Mr. Crisp was a prolific British television writer and playwright who also wrote a handful of well-received action thrillers. Many of the popular British television series of the 60s and 70s aired scripts written by him. A scan of IMDB's listing of the teleplays he penned showed how popular he was.

Series Books
Stephen Haden In The Long Run (1987)
  The Ninth Circle (1988)
Non-Spy Series The Gotland Deal [Insp. Sidney Kenyon] (1976)
  The Odd Job Man (1977)
  The London Deal [Insp. Sidney Kenyon] (1978)
  Festival (1981)
  The Brink (1982)
  Dangerous Obsession - a play made into a movie Darkness Falls (1989)
  Suspicions - two-act play (1992)