1955 -

Writing as: Steve Berry

Steve Berry was a practicing attorney for many years, working a large number of divorce and criminal cases. After well over a decade of this, he decided he wanted to do something else and he turned to writing but it would be another six years before his work found anyone willing to publish it. Once it was published, however, the buying and reading fans of which there is a considerable number, have kept him on the shelves. Together with his wife, Elizabeth, he has started a foundation called History Matters which works to preserve our heritage.

Series Books
Cotton Malone The Templar Legacy (2007)
  The Alexandria Link (2007)
  The Venetian Betrayal (2007)
  The Charlemagne Pursuit (2008)
  The Paris Vendetta (2009)
  The Emperor's Tomb (2010)
  The Jefferson Key (2011)
  The Devil's Gold (2011)
  The Admiral's Mark (2012)
  The Tudor Plot (2013)
  The King's Deception (2013)
  The Devil's Bones (2014)
  The Lincoln Myth (2014)
  The Patriot Threat (2015)
  The 14th Colony (2016)
  The Lost Order (2017)
  Past Prologue (2017)
  The Bishop's Pawn (2018)
Non-Spy Series The Amber Room (2003)
  The Romanov Prophecy (2004)
  The Third Secret (2005)
  The Columbus Affair (2012)