1921 - 1994

Writing as: Thomas Chastain

An accomplished writer of crime novels, Mr. Chastain served a one-year term as president of the Mystery Writers of America. His most well-known novel was Who Killed the Robins Family? though he had several others which were also well received. He was chosen as the author to continue the Perry Mason series some time after the death of Erle Stanley Gardner though he only produced two mysteries.

Series Books
Nick Carter Assassination Brigade (1973)
Other Death Stalk (1971)
  Pandora's Box [Max Kauffman] (1975)
  The Christmas Bomber aka 911 [Max Kauffman] (1976)
  Vital Statistics (1977)
  Spanner [Max Kauffman] (1977)
  High Voltage [Max Kauffman] (1979)
  The Diamond Exchange [Max Kauffman] (1981)
  Nightscape (1982)
  Who Killed the Robins Family? - with Bill Adler, jr. [Robins family] (1983)
  Revenge of the Robins Family - with Bill Adler, jr. [Robins family] (1984)
  The Picture-Perfect Murders - with Bill Adler Jr (1987)
  Where the Truth Lies: A Novel of Glamour And Murder in Hollywood (1988)
  The Case of Too Many Murders [Perry Mason] (1990)
  The Case of the Burning Bequest [Perry Mason] (1990)
  The Prosecutor (1992)
  Directed Verdict - with Peter Graves (1996)