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8 "James Bomb" Bomb Movies

Written by Mort Drucker(artist), Arnie Kogen(writer)

Issued 03/1974

Printed in Mad Magazine #165, plus from "And The Bond Plays On Dept." - Short parodies of the first 8 James Bond Movies with the character of James Bomb. These Movie Parodies are as follows with real Movie titles listed after: 1. "Dr. No-No" (Parody of Dr. No) 2. "From Russia With Lunacy" (Parody of From Russia With Love) 3. "Goldfinger Bowl" (Parody of Goldfinger) 4. "Thunderblahh" (Parody of Thunderball) 5. "You Only Live Nice" (Parody of You Only Live Twice) 6. "On His Majesty's Secret Shamus" (Parody of On Her Majesty's Secret Service) 7. "Dollar Are Forever" (Parody of Diamond Are Forever) 8. "Live And Let Suffer" (Parody of Live And Let Die)