John Force #2

Written by Richard E. Hughes(writer), Paul Reinman(artist)

Issued Mar/Apr 1962

Issue containing three illustrated and two text stories: Missing One Ruby - 12 pages - The visiting ruler of the Indian principality of Varnath is in town to sign an oil agreement but her main opponent,Mahatma Regor, wants to stop her. To do so he plans to steal her prized Ruby of Varnath without which she loses her right to rule. Mr. X Marks the Spot - 5 pages - South American leaders have been the target of the Hatchetman, an assassin that John Force is directed to apprehend. Legion of Darkness - 9 pages - The small European country of Balkania is voting to decide whether to "become a red satellite or remain in the democratic camp". The most trusted man in that country, Dr. Novotry, can sway the voters but he is kidnapped and replaced by a member of the ancient group, Ona Laka. The 1-page text stories are: Danger Crosses the Border and Magic Movie

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