The Bionic Man Vol 1: Some Assembly Required
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The Bionic Man Vol 1: Some Assembly Required

Written by Ivan Nunes (colors), Paul Renaud (covers), Kevin Smith (writer), Simon Bowland (letters), Jonathan Lau (artist), Phil Hester (writer)

A Trade Paperback that collects issues #1-#10 of The Bionic Man comic series. Steve Austin is back and Kevin Smith unleashes a new high-octane version of the Bionic Man for the 21st century as only he can. It's an innovative take on a classic character that gives Austin a whole new set of powers and abilities. A maniacal enemy built from deadly technology will collapse entire nations if not stopped by Austin. Also reunites him with Jaime Sommers.
Each of the 10 issues was a Chapter in the story as follows;
Chapter One: Flight Of The Daedalus (Issue #1)
Chapter Two: A Man, Barely Alive (Issue #2)
Chapter Three: We Can Rebuild Him (Issue #3)
Chapter Four: Transformation (Issue #4)
Chapter Five: Masquerade Ball (Issue #5)
Chapter Six: Fight Night (Issue #6)
Chapter Seven: Body & Soul (Issue #7)
Chapter Eight: War Machines (Issue #8)
Chapter Nine: Ground Zero (Issue #9)
Chapter Ten: Heavy Metal (Issue #10)