Partners In Crime

Partners In Crime

Written by Agatha Christie

In this collection of short stories, the couple buy a a detective agency that the Secret Service says might be a drop site for Soviet spies. As they await such an event, they solve numerous mysteries.
The stories are:
1) A Fairy in the Flat
2) A Pot Of Tea
3) The Affair Of The Pink Pearl
4) The Adventure of the Sinister Stranger
5) Finessing The King
6) The Gentleman Dressed In Newspaper
7) The Case Of The Missing Lady
8) Blindman's Buff
9) The Man in the Mist
10) The Crackler
11) The Sunningdale Mystery
11) The Ambassador's Boots
12) The House of Lurking Death
13) The Unbreakable Alibi
14) The Clergyman's Daughter
15) The Red House
16) The Man Who Was No. 16