French Versions Of Blade

French Versions Of Blade

The following is a Google translation from the French Wikipedia's entry on the Blade series:

"The series premiered in 1969 in the United States, and 37 titles were released until 1984. Roland Green, Lyle Kenyon Engel, Ray Faraday Nelson, and Manning Lee Stokes are among the authors; According to Ray Faraday Nelson in permanent contact with Nemo Sandman, Philip K. Dick himself was at the genesis of the concept, proposing the idea of ??the computer which once plugged into the hero projects him into the X Dimension.

Blade was released in France in 1974, presented by Gérard de Villiers . The first thirty-seven volumes were the translations by France-Marie Watkins of the American stories. Then the series was taken up in French by Richard D. Nolane who will sign in all 43 novels, anonymously then under his real name of Olivier Raynaud. The series thus found its autonomy and an incredible longevity to reach 206 titles in August 2012, with The Secret of the winged lions which marks the end of the saga.

The French authors since December 2007 are Arnaud Dalrune, Patrick Eris then Nemo Sandman from 2010. The series also called on recognized authors from the publishing house: for example, Nadine Monfils (author of Commissioner Léon ) for Blade 174 - The Curse of Shadows in 2007.

All the illustrations of the covers of the French edition were signed by Loris Kalafat until his death in 2007; from Blade # 180 - The Land on the Other Side of the War , the illustrations are signed by Nemo Sandman who authored Blade # 195 - The Empire of Tesla and Blade # 196 - The Shadow of the Horde before continuing together with Patrick Eris from Blade # 198 - Operation Resilience."

No.       Title       Information
001       The Bronze Ax
002       The Jade Warrior
003       The Amazons of Tharn
004       The Slaves of Sarma
005       The Liberator of Jedd
006       The Evil Mausoleum
007       The Pearl of Patmos
008       The Scholars of Selena
009       The Priestess of Serpents
010       The Ice Master
011       The Princess of Zunga
012       The Golden Steed
013       The Temples of Ayocan
014       Dreamers of Xura
015       The Tower of the two wisdoms
016       The Crystal Seas
017       The Huntresses of Brega
018       The Living Chess Board of Hongshu
019       The Ravagers of Tharn
020       The Barbarians of Scador
021       The Consecrated of Kano
022       Draad's Sleeping Water
023       The Five Kingdoms of Saram
024       The Dragons of Anglor
025       The Red Tribe of the Kargois
026       The Androids of Mak'Loh
027       The Courtesan of Dahaura
028       The Magician of Rentoro
029       The Tyrant of Targa
030       The Hex of the Ngaa
031       The Gladiators of Hapanu
032       The rebels of Mythor
033       Jaghd Carnivorous Forest
034       Descendants of the masters of the sky
035       The Seven Duchies of the Crimson River
036       Revenge of the Skybender
037       The Idol Cave
038       The Aerials of K'Tar
039       The Gods of Slow Death
040       The Man Eaters of Iletrois
041       The Dragon Knights of Kharm
042       The worshipers of Dschubba
043       Emperor of Worad
044       The Hordes of the Great Ocean
045       The Legions of Korum
046       Jokkun's Emerald
047       The Two Queens of Drako
048       Vikka's Zombies
049       The Ambassador of the Khuns
050       The Mad Prophet of Dryden
051       The Fief of Cipang'Ho
052       The Priest-Kings of Tarkos
053       The Red Country Berserkers
054       The Stone Hordes
055       Mictan's Envoy
056       The Battle of the Magicians
057       The Sin'Kas Plot
058       The Sequestered of Rhiva
059       The Traitor of Jehol
060       The Cyclops of the Serpent God
061       The Grand Master of life
062       The Apocalypse Dimension
063       The City of Clone Women
064       Queen of shadows
065       The centaur of Abyssia
066       The sacred tree of Serendeh
067       The Sage of Geronya
068       The Kingdom of Bliss
069       The Dream Time
070       The Resurrection of Kaah
071       Amnesiah's Sleep
072       The Hell of Apokalys
073       The Bird of Peace
074       The City of Ivory
075       Odyssiah's Fire
076       The Raptors of Vesta
077       Slaves of the God Olos
078       Soul Reaper
079       The Sanctuary of Dagon
080       The Citadel of the Night
081       The Light of Krest
082       The Blood of the White God
083       The Salamander Archipelago
084       The Ice Virgin
085       The Dark Lords
086       Empire of Scales
087       The Conspirators of the Red Flame
088       The Mountain of Heaven
089       The Black Warriors of Yslis
090       The Black Demon of Ciphang
091       The Conspiracy of the Martyrs
092       The Immortal of Pangea
093       The Traitor of Artis
094       The Snows of the Apocalypse
095       Escape from Brannag
096       The Revolt of the King of the World
097       The Regent of Corona
098       The Dark Horde
099       The Sun under the Earth
100       Alderan's Favorite
101       Army of the Landless
102       The Caverns of Pla-Aton
103       The Relic of Egon Finn
104       The ghoul's breath
105       City of Black Eyes
106       The Plot of the Mask
107       Awakening of the Prawniks
108       Ugral the wise
109       The Marauders of Garth
110       The Resurrection of King Meog
111       Blade of the Cursed
112       The Dragons of Lham
113       Revenge of the Mentors
114       Juvénia's Monster
115       The Uberaba Clone
116       Replicants of the World 1138
117       Gelsen's Magic Spheres
118       Stone Breath
119       The Evils of Kzohr
120       The cemetery of the machine-men
121       The Lost Children of Xantar
122       The rebels of Terra Nova
123       The People of the Trees
124       Hell's Angels
125       The Isle of Lost Times
126       The Fishmen of Mammoniah
127       The Titans of Jadalgad
128       The Hushtaad Arena
129       Guild Mercenaries
130       The convulsions of time
131       The Survivors of Gehénia
132       The Agony of the Skyless Planet
133       Les Affins d'Oniris
134       The Ghosts of Etheria
135       The Black Widows of Mnemos
136       The Dyads of erranum
137       The Monsters of Edenbis
138       Belina's naked god
139       Rival Sons of Bek-Tor
140       Masters of chance
141       The Predators of Time
142       The Pirates of Nechronos
143       The middle Empire
144       Heloah's Lost Worlds
145       The Scribes of Fahren
146       Bloodthirsty Hordes of Canys
147       The Sphinx of Makhab
148       The God of Rialta
149       Arkhaton the Prophet
150       Sanguiis' Living Nightmare
151       The Kingdom of the Zombres
152       The Dark Shadow Gates
153       Black Time
154       The minions of Nekros
155       The Nine Moons of Ostar
156       The Exiles of Alton-A
157       The Aspirants of Vabene
158       Faërie's Nightmares
159       The Robinsons of Arhen
160       The Crucifieds of Hag-Ilm
161       The island of oblivion
162       Blade vs. Blade
163       Soul traffickers
164       The Return of the Malik
165       Soul Dealers - 2
166       The Ogress of Manala
167       The College of the Invisible
168       The Watchers of Jhour
169       Gaia Oneiros
170       The Vodon Sacrifice
171       The Watchers of Jhour - 2
172       The Loch Vampire
173       Guardians of Ufhar
174       The Curse of Shadows
175       The Lovers of Kornuz
176       The Seven Worlds of Vakh
177       The Dark Lords
178       The Door of Death
179       The 8 th world
180       The land on the other side of the war
181       City of Zyeuks
182       Empire of the Necromancers
183       Britannia, roll!
184       Brutal generation
185       864 souls ... plus one
186       The Harmony Saboteur
187       In the mirror of the swans
188       The Pirates of Aqualia
189       Karlibruna's Black Gnome
190       Blue like blood
191       Double blade for mourning
192       Planet carnage
193       The Serpent Sect
194       This world is not enough
195       Tesla's Empire
196       Shadow of the Horde
197       The Son of Blade
198       Operation Resilience
199       Songs of the Horde
200       The Bronze Arch
201       The Shepherd's Web
202       Apocalypto œconomicus
203       The Sanguinaires d'Hyguptie
204       Hero's Blood
205       The Winged Lions of Janthor
206       The Secret of the Winged Lions