The Avengers - The Lost Episodes
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The Avengers - The Lost Episodes

Seven sets of Lost Episodes from the first season of the Avengers, recreated in audio format
1-1: Hot Snow
Written by Ray Rigby, adapted by John Dorney
When an incomprehensible tragedy strikes on what should have been the happiest day of David Keel's life, he is left traumatised. Confronted with an apparently motiveless crime, he feels compelled to investigate and is drawn into London's seedy underworld of drug smuggling. As he digs deeper and deeper, his only hope may be a mysterious gentleman who appears to know more than he says. Together, will they be able to avenge the crime?

1-2: Brought to Book
Written by Brian Clemens, adapted by John Dorney
Still on the trail of the men who wrecked his life, Dr Keel gets to know his new associate, John Steed, rather better as they infiltrate warring gangs running amok in the betting community. Lies and double crosses stack up on every side, and it's impossible to know who to trust. As the race nears its fatal finish, has Dr Keel gambled on the wrong side?

1-3: Square Root of Evil
Written by Richard Harris, adapted by John Dorney
Following the death of a colleague, Steed goes undercover amongst a group of forgers. As the stakes get higher, his risk of discovery increases and Dr Keel may be his only chance to escape alive. But with the formidable thug known as the Cardinal watching their every move, could Steed be dooming them both?

1-4: One for the Mortuary
Written by Brian Clemens, adapted by John Dorney
It should have been an easy day for David Keel. A short flight and a conference to attend. But John Steed’s arrival disrupts everything, as usual. Without even knowing, he finds himself at the centre of an international conspiracy. The chase is on to preserve and protect a valuable medical formula, and with an assassin on their trail, our heroes find themselves enmeshed in an intricate web of laundry, taxidermy and murder.

2-1: Ashes of Roses
Written by Peter Ling and Sheilagh Ward, adapted by John Dorney
Carol goes undercover at a hairdressing salon, which appears to be at the centre of an arson ring.

2-2: Please Don’t Feed the Animals
Written by Dennis Spooner, adapted by John Dorney
Steed takes on blackmailers who are extorting secrets from government officials.

2-3: The Radioactive Man
Written by Fred Edge, adapted by John Dorney
Someone is at large in London, unwittingly carrying a radioactive isotope.

2-4: Dance With Death
Written by Peter Ling and Sheilagh Ward, adapted by John Dorney
Dr Keel is framed for murder, and Steed investigates a dance school.

3-1: The Springers
Written by John Whitney and Geoffrey Bellman, adapted by John Dorney
Steed and Keel go undercover to try and crack a prison escape route.

3-2: The Yellow Needle
Written by Patrick Campbell, adapted by John Dorney
An attempt is made on the life of Sir Wilberforce Lungi, the Prime Minister of an African country on the verge of independence, and Steed and Keel attempt to expose his enemies.

3-3: Double Danger
Written by Gerald Verner, adapted by John Dorney
A dangerous attempt to discover a cache of stolen diamonds goes badly wrong, and Keel is captured by a criminal gang.

3-4: Toy Trap
Written by Bill Strutton, adapted by John Dorney
Keel is charged with keeping an eye on the daughter of a friend. But it soon becomes clear that all is not well at her place of employment, a department store in London…

4-1: Kill the King
Written By James Mitchell, adapted by John Dorney
When the King of an unstable Far Eastern country visits the UK to sign an oil treaty, Steed is assigned to his protection and discovers that assassins lurk around every corner.

4-2: A Change of Bait
Written By Lewis Davidson, adapted by John Dorney
Carol's landlord has got into a lot of trouble with a shipment of bananas and a crooked businessman. Fortunately Steed and Keel are hot on the heels of insurance fraudsters and might just be able to save him...

4-3: Hunt the Man Down
Written By Richard Harris, adapted by Justin Richards
When Frank Preston is released from prison the race is on to find his hidden loot. Can Steed and Keel survive warring gangsters to return the stolen property and rescue a kidnapped Carol?

4-4: Dead of Winter
Written By Eric Paice, adapted by John Dorney
When the frozen body of a Neo-Nazi is discovered at the docks, Steed and Keel get involved with a fascist organisation developing an apocalyptic plan.

5-1: Nightmare
Written by Dan Starkey, from a storyline by Terence Feely
When one of his patients, an experimental scientist, goes missing, Dr Keel ends up impersonating him. But not all doctors are on the side of the angels.

5-2: Girl on the Trapeze
Written by Dennis Spooner, adapted by Rae Leaver
The circus has come to town - but after Keel witnesses an apparent suicide, it becomes clear that the clowns are concealing something sinister behind the scenes.

5-3: Crescent Moon
Written by Phil Mulryne, from a storyline by Geoffrey Bellman and John Whitney
On a Caribbean Island, Steed finds himself caught up in a curious case of kidnapping, where if he wants to save a missing girl, he's got to find out what's really going on... and quickly.

5-4: Diamond Cut Diamond
Written by John Dorney, from a storyline by Max Marquis
A smuggling ring is leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. Steed goes undercover as an air steward to investigate, but can he confront the culprit before it's his head on the block?

6-1: The Frighteners
Written by Berkeley Mather, adapted by Rae Leaver
If you need someone scared off, you speak to the Deacon. Steed and Keel are on the trail of an intimidation expert whose services have recently been acquired by a wealthy businessman. But as they head deeper and deeper into this seedy world, who do they really have to stop. And who do they have to save?

6-2: Death on the Slipway
Written by Ian Potter, from a storyline by James Mitchell
When a fellow agent is killed, Steed is sent undercover at a government dockyard to find the killer. Can he sort the truth from the lies and track down the enemy infiltrator hunting for top secret plans before it’s all too late?

6-3: Tunnel of Fear
Written by John Dorney, from a storyline by John Kruse
Southend. A perfect spot for a family holiday - or for a traitor to hide. Somewhere in the town lurks a spy ring that is smuggling out classified information. When his old mole is attacked, and with innocent lives at risk, Steed takes Keel to the seaside for a far from sunny time.

7-1: Dragonsfield
Written by Ian Potter, from a script by Terence Feely
A man has been murdered in an experimental laboratory, and Steed is sent to investigate. Someone is working for the other side - and Steed will need to untangle a messy web of inter-personal relationships if he's to stand any chance of identifying who.

7-2: The Far Distant Dead
Written by Tom Mallaburn from a script by John Lucarotti
En route from Chile back to England, Dr Keel stops off to help the victims of a cyclone. Except not every fatality he encounters was caused by the disaster. It appears he's stumbled onto an international conspiracy of the most sinister kind... and the perpetrators will be found many miles away...

7-3: The Deadly Air
Written by John Dorney from a script by Lester Powell
When an experimental vaccine is destroyed Steed calls in Keel to join him on the scene as a medical expert. But it isn't long before the saboteur becomes a murderer. As the situation escalates, can the Avengers identify their foe before they become his victims?