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Full Name: Kent Steele
Codename: Agent Zero
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack Mars
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


       Kent Steele is an agent with the CIA.
       He has been one for quite a few years and was rated as one of their very best for most of that time, a man who has performed impossible tasks in a wide variety of spaces around the globe.
       Reid Lawson is a professor of European History at Columbia University, a widow who greatly misses his wife of many years who died some time back from a brain aneurysm. Despite the heartache, he manages to raise his two loving teenage daughters, Maya and Sara. He has been a college instructor for most of his adult life, starting shortly after he himself graduated and rising through the ranks to be the respected 38-year-old academician that he is.
       The problem is that Reid Lawson is Kent Steele. He just did not remember that he was. But, of course, he could not have been standing in front of students each day as his memories tell him he was if he was also busting in doors to take out terrorist cells. Right?
       As Lawson slowly and painfully realizes that much of his life was not real and deals with memories conflicting with other memories, bad things start to happen that he is the perfect man to handle. The trouble becomes that to deal with all of these matters is likely going to lose for him the things most precious to him.
       Lawson/Steele is an extremely dangerous man who, even though he is in his late 30's or early 40's, can still move with impressive speed and agility which is vital because as he regains those memories, he remembers and realizes there are a lot of people who would love to get their hands on the operative codenamed 'Agent Zero'. And if they cannot snatch him, shooting him or blowing him up is almost as good.
       As one adversary says to him, "Agent Zero. Many of us know you as Kent Steele, but all know of Agent Zero. Like a legend-an urban myth. A name that inspires fear in the most stalwart." A bit flowery, perhaps, but it definitely fits.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 Agent Zero Agent Zero
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2019

When Professor Lawson answered the knock on his home's front door, the two Arab looking men asked if he was Reid Lawson. He agreed, of course, because he was. After they quickly kidnapped him and took him away for interrogation, they kept asking him the same question but were unhappy his answer never changed. Even after taking him across the Atlantic to Paris for more questioning, they were certain he was a highly dangerous CIA spy. Lawson knew they were terribly wrong. Except for the memories of events that never happened which started to return to him.
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2 Target Zero Target Zero
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2019

Kent Steele is chosen to be the man to stop the release of a biological weapon that could decimate the world. As he struggles to figure out how, he also struggles with the memories that are slowly returning and giving him what seemed like more questions than answers.
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3 Hunting Zero Hunting Zero
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2019

Agent Zero knows exactly what he needs to do and who he needs to kill to get his two teenage daughters back after they were kidnapped by human traffickers. He was about to begin the process when his handlers at the CIA order him to stand down. That did not happen.
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4 Trapping Zero Trapping Zero
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2019

Dealing with the aftermath of his daughters' kidnapping and helping them recover is a full time job but when a radical leader from the Middle East steps up to launch a horrible attack on America, Agent Zero has a terrible choice to make. Should he leave their side to save others? And should he go through with the surgery that might return all of his memories with the huge burden that could bring.
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5 File Zero File Zero
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2019

Getting all his memories back is not a good thing when they include a secret plot by the CIA to start a war and to eliminate him. Agent Zero is now determined to stop those involved though he is disavowed and hunted and must also protect his family while doing so.
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6 Recall Zero Recall Zero
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2019

A translator for the President overheard something she should not have and now she is targeted for elimination. To mend things with his two daughters, Agent Zero, Kent Steele, agrees to leave his Agency days behind but then the need to protect this innocent woman pops up.
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7 Assassin Zero Assassin Zero
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2019

Strange new memories are merging in with his old and Kent Steele, Agent Zero, is having trouble dealing with them. He has to find some way to cope as the country and maybe the world is being threatened by someone with a powerful ultrasonic weapon.
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8 Decoy Zero Decoy Zero
Written by Jack Mars
Copyright: 2020

Agent Zero is tasked with find who has invented a railgun that can fire a missile which travels at Mach 7. He must also determined who the intended target(s) of this new weapon are.
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       Agent Zero is a character who is probably way too good to be believable and I did not care in the least. He is not invincible like a couple best-selling operatives seem to be because he gets the tar pounded out of him now and then but he is a stubborn cuss and never stops fighting. I had fun with this.
       I also very much enjoyed that back home he has a life to go to - indeed, he would probably not leave it if he was not forced. And while I disliked the fact that often that home life is not perfect (we are talking teenage daughters, you know), that part is believable.
       I like the author's other series but of the two, I prefer Agent Zero and I hope he sticks around.


My Grade: A-


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