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Full Name: Jarvis Love
Nationality: American
Organization: GIN
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Hopwood
Time Span: 2012 - 2016


Coming Soon:
       Jarvis Love is an agent with the G.I.N.
       That acronym stands for the Global Intelligence Network.
       Love is a young agent newly out of training and sent into the world of cloaks and daggers.

More to come.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Danakil Deception The Danakil Deception
Written by James Hopwood
Copyright: 2014

"When archaeologists at the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia – the hottest place on Earth – discover a ruby measuring six feet in diameter, the world's scientific community is thrown into a spin. But it's not only scientists who are interested in the discovery. In the wrong hands, the ruby could be used to power a terrifying weapon – a weapon that could change the fate of the world. Meet Jarvis Love, the young operative assigned to investigate the find. Thrown into a harsh unforgiving environment, Love finds himself battling a neo-Nazi with a diabolical plot to assassinate the top world leaders in one massive attack......the clock is ticking, and only Love can stop the madman."
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2 The Ambrosia Kill The Ambrosia Kill
Written by James Hopwood
Copyright: 2016

"Jarvis Love, the intrepid hero of The Danakil Deception, is back in his most action-packed adventure yet. When Lord Foxworthy's wayward daughter joins a religious cult, Jarvis Love is assigned to retrieve her. Accompanying him on the mission is Foxworthy's other daughter, Merryn – a high-spirited woman, determined to see her sister back safely, no matter what the cost. When the mission goes wrong, Love is scarred by the experience and vows never to work with a partner again. When a Global Intelligence Network officer is cut down in New Guinea, authorities want to know why. Though still haunted by the failure of his previous mission, Love is assigned to investigate, but this time, he is determined to go it alone. However, fate has other plans. Thrown together with Miranda Jess, deep in the unforgiving jungle, Love uncovers a diabolical plan to pollute the world's water supply with a mind-altering drug. Confronting an old enemy, Love learns that sometimes redemption comes at a price. Welcome to the Jungle, Mr. Love!"
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2012

1 The Librio Defection The Librio Defection
Written by James Hopwood
Copyright: 2012

"1966: The world's greatest violinist, Soviet, Alexander Stanislas wants to defect to the West after the violent death of his half-brother. But he has one condition; he wants his Italian mistress, Belladonna Librio to come over with him. Jarvis Love works for the Global Intelligence Network. He is young, inexperienced and about to be thrust in the explosive world of Cold War espionage for the first time. His assignment seems simple enough; locate Belladonna Librio and escort her back to London. Major Sacha Vorinski, of the Fifth Chief Directorate has other plans."
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