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Full Name: Jack Stevens
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Beckman
Time Span: 2012 - 2016


Coming Soon:
       Jack Stevens is an agent with the CIA.
       Not when we first meet him, though. At that time he is a charter boat captain trying very hard to not be involved in anything other than his daily excursions and just getting along. Soon, though, he will meet the lovely Amy Larkin and his life, and his career, will never be the same again.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2016

1 Tropical Knights Tropical Knights
Written by John Beckman
Copyright: 2012

"Jack Stevens is living the simple life as a charter boat Captain in south Miami; no complications, and no consequences. He has left behind the Vietnam War, the SEC, the IRS, and a scheming ex-wife. Life is good. And then he meets Amy, the half Cuban exotic beauty who invites him on the adventure of a lifetime. The Latin lovely offers Jack the opportunity to save the eastern U.S. from annihilation by a dying Castro, the dictator of Cuba. Jack wants nothing to do with this woman or her mission. But before he knows it Jack is involved with the Cuban Mafia, the CIA, and duplicitous politicians. When his brother is kidnapped Jack is torn between saving America or saving his only benefactor. Jack has an impossible decision to make. Sail along with Jack and Amy on the life or death voyage which makes Jack’s existence more complicated than he ever dreamed possible."
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2 Tropical Daze Tropical Daze
Written by John Beckman
Copyright: 2013

Amy Larkin disappeared after she and Jack Stevens successfully completed a secret CIA mission into Cuba. But is she alive or dead or being held captive by sinister forces with ulterior motives? Is the CIA misdirecting Jack in his search for Amy? Jack’s obsession in finding the woman he loves takes a fateful turn when two strange young men show up and hire his charter boat. This ill-fated voyage lands Jack in a tiny rat-infested cell in Central America. Here his search for Amy will be over unless he agrees to a drug lord's demands. If he makes the wrong decision not only will his search to find Amy end – but so will the life of Jack Stevens.
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3 Tropical Rage Tropical Rage
Written by John Beckman
Copyright: 2014

"Just when life seems to have settled into peaceful times for Jack Stevens and Amy Larkin, very young girls begin disappearing from the islands. One is slaughtered before Jack’s eyes, and he is the number one suspect for the murder. When he and Amy discover the CIA and “foreign interests” are involved in selling women into the sex slave trade, they have a double mission. Save the girls, and save Jack from going to prison for life. If they survive this adventure, Amy has a surprise for Jack he never thought possible. As fresh and exciting as today's headlines."
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4 Tropical Fury Tropical Fury
Written by John Beckman
Copyright: 2016

"After a heartbreaking development, Jack and Amy are hired by a TV crew to sail into a hurricane for their “reality audience.” Add some double and triple crosses by the CIA, and you have the dynamic duo up to their necks in salt water and danger. From the islands of the Caribbean to the streets of the Nation’s Capital the mystery thickens. If the hurricane doesn’t kill them, or they aren’t disintegrated by a terrorist’s dirty atomic bomb, there are plenty of others who want to get in on the fun."
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