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Full Name: Eduardo Xiquez
Codename: Atcho
Nationality: Cuban
Organization: KGB
Occupation Agent

Creator: Lee Jackson
Time Span: 2013 - 2019


       Eduardo "Atcho" Xiquez is an agent of American Intelligence.
       I would love to be able to pinpoint exactly whom he worked for but it gets a little confusing.
       Atcho, before we first meet him, had been the pride of Cuba in the days before Castro took over. His father had been a successful sugar plantation owner in that island nation. Young Eduardo had grown up with privilege but his father, a very down-to-earth man, had instilled in him an ethic of responsibility and service to the people. Atcho, as his father called him, used his father's connections, along with his own talents and hard work, to earn a spot at West Point and upon graduating, became an officer in the Army. Not content with just doing okay, he pushed himself and later earned a spot in the coveted Rangers. When his time of service was over, he and his bride returned to Cuba and he took his place beside his father.
       Then the dictatorship of Batista fell to the communist dictatorship of Castro and Atcho's life changed drastically forever. Atcho was on the side of those fighting Castro and reluctantly took part in the disastrous Bay of Pigs fiasco. Seeing some of his family murdered and his daughter kidnapped by a KGB officer wanting Atcho's hide, he would spend many years in a couple of the worst prison hell holes Cuba had to offer.
       But it is when he gets out that his life as an operative in the cloak and dagger world gets started.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Atcho Conspiracy The Atcho Conspiracy
aks Curse The Moon
Written by Lee Jackson
Copyright: 2013

Atcho wanted very much to be a part of the resistance against the new Castro regime but a Soviet KGB officer holds his little daughter and unless Atcho becomes a killer for him, he will never see his girl again.
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2 Rasputin's Legacy Rasputin's Legacy
Written by Lee Jackson
Copyright: 2017

Taking place as the Soviet Union nears its end, a Russian general wants to use his control of nuclear weapons to regain the glory of his nation by destroying America. President Reagon asks Atcho to head into Siberia to find and stop the plot.
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3 Vortex: Berlin Vortex: Berlin
Written by Lee Jackson
Copyright: 2019

With the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, East German hardliners are desperate, unwilling to relinquish power, have drastic plans for keeping control. Atcho and his wife, Sofia, are among those tasked with stopping them.
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4 Fahrenheit Kuwait Fahrenheit Kuwait
Written by Lee Jackson
Copyright: 2019

The Intelligence communities of the West has had the fear of terrorists getting their hands on nuclear weapons from the old Soviet Union. Now rumors are floating that it has not only happened but also that one major player has smuggled one into the U.S.
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