Full Name: Harry Connolly
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael R. Davidson
Time Span: 2012 - 2017

       Harry Connolly is an agent with the CIA.
       Ewan Ramsay is not, though he certainly gets involved in the same type of work as Connolly.
       This is because Ramsay is Connolly; or at least will be. Connolly will, in the course of his activities, find it prudent to disappear and when he does, Ramsay shows up some time later in Ireland. Of course, since Ramsay and Connolly are the same person, "both" are quite capable of taking care of themselves when the going gets rough.
       And when that going is up against Russia and highly experience former KGB agents, having the intelligence and experience that Connolly/Ramsay possesses is vital.

More on this extremely well written series when I finish the books.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2017

1 Harry's Rules Harry's Rules
Written by Michael R. Davidson
Copyright: 2012

Harry Connolly is the CIA operative sent to Europe to investigate the murder of a fellow agent who was meeting with a long inactive Russian agent. That trip will land him up against a pack of former KGB officers determined to restore Russia to its glory days.

2 Incubus Incubus
Written by Michael R. Davidson
Copyright: 2013

Contented and living under cover as Ewan Ramsay in Ireland with his wife, Sasha, Harry Connolly has no interest in the mission presented to him by the CIA - find the truth about a possible mole in the White House who is pushing for American disarmament even as Russia secretly revamps their power. He cannot say no, however, when the threat to expose his wife's identity is made.

3 The Incubus Vendetta The Incubus Vendetta
Written by Michael R. Davidson
Copyright: 2014

Harry Connolly, living now as Ewan Ramsay, had hoped his fight with the Russians was over but it is not. There are several who carry a major grudge, especially the former Russian President that Connolly brought down. Now that leader is working with Iran and its terrorist proxy, Hezbollah.

4 The Dove The Dove
Written by Michael R. Davidson
Copyright: 2017

A prequel tale, the year is 1987 and Harry Connolly is sent to Moscow to meet with a KGB officer who has significant information about a new plot to destabilize the West. It could help end the Cold War or it could easily get him killed.


Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2015

1 Eye For An Eye Eye For An Eye
a novelette
Written by Michael R. Davidson
Copyright: 2015

Harry Connolly/Ewan Ramsay is being drown into a trap by his biggest enemy along with Mossad's fiercest operative. The bait is Connolly's wife, Sasha.




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