Full Name: Matt Gannon
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Frederick F. Meyers jr.
Time Span: 2002 - 2002

       Matt Gannon is an agent with the CIA.
       When we first meet Gannon, he is serving in the U.S. Army holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and assigned to the prestigious Multinational Force Operations, excelling as a forward observer and becoming friends with a wide assortment of people from the dozen-plus countries that made up that group.
       Prior to that even, Gannon had been a commander of a company during Desert Storm. It was in that capacity that he learned how important planning and logistics were to the success of any mission. Certainly he had been taught it over and over in officer school but as he discovered, there was learning and then there was really learning. If in a hostile land you outstepped your backup and your supply line, the enemy does not give second chances. This lesson would prove vital when he retires and leaves the Army and finds the CIA had some missions of their own for him.
       As mentioned in the first recorded adventure: "The still-young Lieutenant Colonel was built on a five-foot-eleven inch frame, albeit having been put together a bit wrong. Nonetheless, he carried his 192 pounds well; distributed across broad shoulders, a modest waist, athletic narrow hips and strong, heavy thighs and legs. The true strength of Matt’s body was focused in his lower torso. The dimension and development of the muscles in his legs and hips would have well-served a 230 or 240 pound man. The meat and strength of muscle to drive and smash forward on the short yardage downs was evident."
       Further, it added "Age-wise, he could still pass for five or maybe even six years younger than he was. Of course, that was with the assistance of soft light that did not betray the thickening web of crow’s feet around the corners of his eyes. He was, at thirty-seven years of age, in better physical shape than most of his college classmates. He could hold the pace with troops ten to fourteen years his junior during the more vigorous morning runs and physical training drills of garrison life." That being said, he was well aware of the fact that his best days were behind him and fifteen years of soldiering has taken its toll.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2002
Last Appearance:2002

1 The Jericho Gambit The Jericho Gambit
Written by Frederick F. Meyers jr.
Copyright: 2002

The Jihadist is determined to strike a blow against the US. Lt. Colonel Matt Gannon and his boss, General Brandt, are equally set on stopping him.

2 Cry Judah: The Fedayeen Force Cry Judah: The Fedayeen Force
Written by Frederick F. Meyers jr.
Copyright: 2003

The opponent of Matt Gannon's first adventure, Salal l'Rahal, is out for revenge against those who destroyed his first big attack on America. That means he is out to get General Brandt and Gannon. Gannon, now a CIA agent, is not ready to go down easy.

3 The Lazarus Connection The Lazarus Connection
Written by Frederick F. Meyers jr.
Copyright: 2011

Salal, Matt Gannon's personal nemesis, has retreated to the Middle East to regroup and that is exactly where Gannon now heads to stop him once and for all.




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