Full Name: Cherry Delight
Series Name: The Sexecutioner
Nationality: American
Organization: N.Y.M.P.H.O.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Glen Chase
Time Span: 1971 - 1977


Cherry Delight is an agent with N.Y.M.P.H.O.

The New York Mafia Prosecution and Harassment Organization is an organization based, obviously, in the Big Apple but with operations happening all of the globe. With the rise of organized crime, especially led by an ever-more powerful Mafia, becoming more and more a global operation and able to conduct their business without concerns for the niceties of the law, fighting such opponents through normal police procedures was proving a losing business. Now under the auspices of this new governmental organization, one that has the cooperation of federal agencies as well as other nations.

Delight, whose real name is Cherise Dellissio, is a young female agent with the group, one of several women with the role that of "call girl and killer, spy girl and seductress". She is a relatively new addition but what she might lack in experience she more than compensates for with tremendous energy and vim. There is nothing she would not do to accomplish her assignment and she is ever willing to go it completely alone if needed.

Her nickname comes from the fact that she is a natural redhead and, according to several descriptions, gloriously so. With cherry-red hair, the urge to dub her "Cherry" was too strong to resist. With that epithet in place, it is no mystery that the "Delight" came into existence since it is not too far from her real last name as the dessert cherry delight is as delicious as she is.

That, though, is not her only nickname. She is also known as the "Sexecutioner" because she is so capable of using her sexuality and her body to remove from this planet enemies of her country. Her weapons of choice are many. She is known to be a crack shot and she has earned a black belt in judo. It is the art and science of sex that is her most deadly skill and she is without a doubt at expert at it.

Delight's father was a physician and that was the profession she expected to go into, too. She was well into her studies and very familiar to the human body, both male and female, when she was approached by recruiters for N.Y.M.P.H.O. to join their struggle. Her love of her country, her desire for adventure and a challenge, and her innate love of sex got her to agree.

Now she is a trained instrument of democracy, giving her all over and over ... and over and over ... for her country.


Number of Books:29
First Appearance:1971
Last Appearance:1977

       The books were written and published in two sets, all listing the house name of Glen Chase as the author.
       The first set was actually penned by Gardner Fox (apparently all of them but I could be wrong).
       The second set came out a couple years later and were written by two other authors.


Do not expect anything from this series. You wouldn't get it anyways so why even think about it. Do not expect to want to read more than one or two, either. I didn't want to. I did, of course, because that is what I do but with so many other series out there, a person would only read this if purience was the only thing the reader was after.

If it was, of course, this is not a bad series. Gardner Fox, the real writer behind the house name of Glen Chase, was a darned experienced and good storyteller. And his skills at having a female agent using her body to take down bad guys were more than honed with the Lady From L.U.S.T. series a half-decade before. But the "meet bad guy - have sex with bad guy - kill bad guy" gets a tad repetitive.

Now I went years without adding this series to the compendium. It was, to me, a crime fighting series, not a spy series. I got to thinking this largely because the series was referred to as the "Sexecutioner" because it was following on the success of Pinnacle's The Executioner series which at the time were all about a skilled vigilante.

But a couple of fellow fans felt otherwise and I was coaxed into looking further and that second look made me decide to invite her into the gathering.


My Grade: C-


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