1942 -

Writing as: David Chacko


Passing his days living in both Istanbul and New York City, American author David Chacko has used his life experiences to embue his many books with a unique insight that raises them above the norm. He has separated his writings into several genres from espionage to mystery to seeking ancient artifacts.

Series Books
Jason Ender Less Than A Shadow (2004)
  The Peacock Angel (2005)
  Echo Five (2008)
Stephen Warfield The Black Chamber (1988)
  White Gamma (1988)
  Red Bishop One (2001)
Non-Spy Series Price (1973)
  Gage (1976)
  Brick Alley (1981)
  The Shadow Master (2001)
  A Long Way from Eden (2002)
  Like a Man (2003)
  Graveyard Eyes [Onur Levent] (2006)
  Martyr's Creek (2007)
  The Severan Prophecies (2007)
  Devil's Feathers [Onur Levent] (2008)
  Gone Over - with Alexander Kulcsar) (2009)
  The Brimstone Papers - with Alexander Kulcsar) (2010)
  The Byzantium Stone (2011)
  The God App (2012)