1927 - 1997

Writing as: Martin Caidin

In addition to being an exceptional writer of science-fiction, Martin Caidin was an undisputed authority on aviation and aeronautics. He won the Aviation/Space Writers Association's yearly prize for outstanding writing in that field. As a writer, he preferred to write about things that were near-possible, at least according to the science at the time.

Series Books
The Six Million Dollar Man Cyborg (1972)
  Cyborg II: Operation Nuke (1973)
  Cyborg III: High Crystal (1974)
  Cyborg IV (1975)
Non-Spy Series The Long Night (1956)
  Black Thursday (1960)
  Race for the Moon (1960)
  Red Star in Space (1963)
  Marooned (1964)
  Devil Take All (1966)
  The Last Fathom (1967)
  No Man's World (1967)
  Four Came Back (1968)
  The God Machine (1969)
  Ballantine Inactive (1970)
  Anytime, Anywhere (1970)
  The Cape (1971)
  The Mendelov Conspiracy aka Encounter Three (1971)
  Almost Midnight (1971)
  Maryjane Tonight at Angels Twelve (1972)
  The Last Dogfight (1974)
  Planetfall (1974)
  Three Corners to Nowhere (1975)
  Whip (1976)
  Aquarius Mission (1978)
  Jericho 52 (1979)
  Wingborn (1979)
  Manfac (1979)
  Night Hamburg Died (1979)
  Tigers Are Burning (1980)
  The Final Countdown (1980)
  Deathmate (1982)
  Killer Station (1984)
  Star Bright (1984)
  Zoboa (1986)
  The Messiah Stone [Messiah Stone] (1986)
  Exit Earth (1987)
  Beamriders! (1989)
  Prison Ship (1989)
  The Dark Messiah [Messiah Stone] (1990)
  Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates (1993)
  Indiana Jones and the White Witch (1994)
  A Life in Future [Buck Rogers] (1995)
  Natural or Supernatural? (1997)
  The B-17: the Flying Fortress (2001)