1907 - 1985

Writing as: Helen MacInnes

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, she earned a degree from the University there in French and German. She extended her studies to include librarianship and got a job in London. Her husband, Gilbert Highet, was a classics scholar and he traveled all over Europe in his studies with his wife as a translator. He was also a spy for MI6 which gave her unique insights into how they operated.

Series Books
Robert Renwick Prelude To Terror (1978)
  The Hidden Target (1980)
  Cloak Of Darkness (1982)
Non-Spy Series Above Suspicion (1941)
  Assignment in Brittany (1942)
  The Unconquerable (1944)
  Horizon (1945)
  Friends and Lovers (1947)
  Rest and Be Thankful (1949)
  Neither Five Nor Three (1951)
  I and My True Love (1953)
  Pray for a Brave Heart (1955)
  North from Rome (1958)
  Decision at Delphi (1960)
  The Venetian Affair (1963)
  Home Is the Hunter (1964)
  The Double Image (1966)
  The Salzburg Connection (1968)
  Message from M├ílaga (1971)
  The Snare of the Hunter (1974)
  Agent in Place (1976)
  Ride a Pale Horse (1984)