1949 -

Writing as: James Dalton, James Grady, Brit Shelby


Born and raised in Montana, James Grady graduated from the University of Montana majoring in journalism. He worked for a time in D.C. He is married with two grown children.

Series Books
James Dalton
Non-Spy Series City of Shadows (1972)
James Grady
Condor Six Days Of The Condor (1974)
  Shadow Of The Condor (1975)
  Condor.Net (ss) (2011)
  Last Days Of The Condor (2015)
  Next Day Of The Condor (ss) (2015)
Non-Spy Series Runner in the Street [James Rankin] (1984)
  Hard Bargains [James Rankin] (1985)
  Razor Game [Sgt. Devlin Rourke] (1985)
  Just a Shot Away [Sgt. Devlin Rourke] (1987)
  Steeltown (1989)
  River of Darkness (1991)
  Thunder (1994)
  White Flame (1996)
Brit Shelby
Non-Spy Series The Great Pebble Affair [Brit Shelby] (1976)