1892 - 1954

Writing as: Gilderoy Davison

According to an obituary (of sorts) from the website for St. Thomas: "Gilderoy Davison was born on 30th August 1892 in North Shields, Northumberland. He was the eldest of three boys born to Thomas and Minnie Gibson Davison (nee Brooks). On leaving school he became a bank clerk but by December 1915 he is mentioned in the London Gazette as being made a temporary Second Lieutenant in the 37th Division of the Army Service Corps. He was posted to France in April 1916.

On leaving the army it appears that he attended St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge where he was awarded an M. A. (Canab). He also has some connection with Croydon.He was the Curate at St. Thomas between 1927 and 1930 and lived at, Ruersdale (sic), Church Road.

He became vicar of St. Peter’s Church, Bocking, Essex in 1934 where he remained until 1954. By this time he had already had some of his early works published. His main characters were ‘Twisted Face’ and ‘Peter Castle’."

Series Books
Other A Killer at Scotland Yard (1933)
  The Lily-Pond Mystery (1937)
  Murder in a Muffler aka Dead Man’s Farm (1937)
  The Devil’s Diamonds aka Beauty and the Beast (1938)
  Jewel of Destiny (1938)
  Mysterious Air Ace (1941)
  Robin Hoodwinker, V.C. (1944)