Writing as: Ty Patterson


According to the short bio on his website: "USA Today Bestselling Author Ty Patterson has lived on a couple of continents and has been a trench digger, loose tea vendor, leather goods salesman, marine lubricants salesman, diesel engine mechanic and is now a thriller author.

Ty lives with his wife and son, who humor his ridiculous belief that he's in charge.

The best way to talk to Ty is through his Facebook page: Ty Patterson."

Series Books
Zeb Carter The Warrior (2012)
  The Reluctant Warrior (2012)
  The Warrior Code (2012)
  The Warrior Debt (2012)
  Flay (2015)
  Behind You (2015)
  Hunting You (2015)
  Zero (2015)
  The Shadow (ss) (2016)
  The Watcher (ss) (2016)
  Zulu Hour (ss) (2016)
  Death Club (2016)
  Trigger Break (2016)
  The Heavies (ss) (2017)
  The Man From Congo (ss) (2017)
  The Texan (ss) (2017)
  Run! (2017)
  The Cab Driver (ss) (2017)