1988 - 1954

Writing as: Sydney Horler

Sydney Horler was a very prolific British writer of thrillers, especially spy adventures. He was born in Essex and educated at Redcliffe School and Colston School in Bristol. He worked as a journalist for several years at different locations, ending up in London, before deciding to write books for a living.

Series Books
Tiger Standish Tiger Standish (1932)
  Tiger Standish Comes Back (1934)
  The Mystery of the Seven Caf├ęs (1935)
  The Grim Game (1936)
  Tiger Standish Takes The Field (1939)
  Tiger Standish Steps On It (1940)
  Tiger Standish Does His Stuff (1942)
  The Lady With The Limp (1944)
  Exit The Disguiser (1948)
  They Thought He Was Dead (1949)
  The House Of Jackals (1951)