1924 -

Writing as: James Fraser, Alec Haig, Bill Reade, Alec Whitney

A talented English author, Alan White was born in Yorkshire. When he became old enough, he joined the British army to fight in WWII and became a commando, eventually becoming a leader. After the War, he earned a living as a journalist and took to writing novels. He split his production into two basic camps; mysteries and war adventure stories. The latter had the feel of authenticity since he wrote from having lived it himself.

Series Books
James Fraser
Non-Spy Series The Evergreen Death [Insp. Aveyard] (1968)
  A Cock-Pit of Roses [Insp. Aveyard] (1969)
  Deadly Nightshade [Insp. Aveyard] (1970)
  Death in a Pheasant’s Eye [Insp. Aveyard] (1971)
  Blood on a Widow’s Cross [Insp. Aveyard] (1972)
  The Five-Leafed Clover [Insp. Aveyard] (1973)
  A Wreath of Lords and Ladies [Insp. Aveyard] (1974)
  Who Steals My Name? [Insp. Aveyard] (1976)
  Hearts Ease in Death [Insp. Aveyard] (1977)
Alec Haig
Alec Haig Sign On For Tokyo (1968)
  Peruvian Printout (1970)
  Flight From Montego Bay (1972)
Non-Spy Series Death Finds the Day aka The Long Day’s Dying (1965)
  The Wheel (1966)
  The Long Night’s Walk [Capt. Colson] (1968)
  The Long Drop [Capt. Colson] (1969)
  Kibbutz aka Possess the Land (1970)
  The Long Watch [Capt. Colson] (1971)
  Climate of Revolt (1971)
  The Long Midnight [Capt. Colson] (1972)
  The Long Fuse [Capt. Colson] (1973)
  Death in Duplicate (1974)
  The Long Summer [Capt. Colson] (1974)
  The Long Silence [Capt. Colson] (1976)
  The Long Hand of Death (1977)
  Cassidy’s Yard (1980)
  Black Alert (1985)
Bill Reade
Non-Spy Series What Have They Done to You, Ben? (1967)
  I Wonder What Happened to Tom? (1968)
  A Bomb for Atuna (1975)
  The Ibiza Syndicate (1975)
Alec Whitney
Non-Spy Series Every Man Has His Price (1968)
  The Triple Zero (1971)
  Armstrong (1973)
  Death in Darkness (1977)