1916 - 1989

Writing as: Jeff Bogar, Sean Gregory, Harry Hossent, Duff Johnson, Kevin O'Malley, David Savage, Ray Stahl


Series Books
Jeff Bogar
Non-Spy Series Book A Hearse Now (1951)
Sean Gregory
Non-Spy Series Murder Comes Easily (1953)
  Murder Bangs a Big Drum (1954)
  Murder Is Too Permanent (1954)
  Murder Makes the Corpse (1954)
  Murder Makes Mockery (1955)
  The Fifth Spy aks Edge of Terror (1963)
Harry Hossent
Non-Spy Series Copper Smoke (1953)
Duff Johnson
Non-Spy Series Dynamite On Wheels (1952)
  Racing Crazy (1952)
Kevin O'Malley
David Savage
Non-Spy Series The Spy Who Got Off at Las Vegas (1969)
Ray Stahl
Non-Spy Series No Answer From A Corpse (1953)