1927 - 1985

Writing as: Jay Flynn, John M. Flynn

According to Bill Pronzini, an expert on all things crime fiction, J. M. Flynn, aka Jay, was much like the characters he penned. He was a "hard-drinking, rough-living, blarney-spouting Boston Irishman. Ex-GI, newspaperman."

Series Books
Jay Flynn
McHugh McHugh (1959)
  It's Murder, McHugh (1960)
  Viva McHugh (1960)
  A Body For McHugh (1960)
  The Five Faces Of Murder (1962)
John M. Flynn
Other The Deadly Boodle (1958)
  Drink with the Dead (1959)
  Terror Tournament (1959)
  The Hot Chariot (1960)
  Ring Around a Rogue (1960)
  One for the Death House (1961)
  The Girl from Las Vegas (1961)
  Deep Six (1961)
  The Screaming Cargo (1962)
  SurfSide 6 (1962)
  Warlock (1976)
  Danger Zone (1977)