1927 - 1985

Writing as: Jay Flynn, John M. Flynn

According to Bill Pronzini, an expert on all things crime fiction, J. M. Flynn, aka Jay, was much like the characters he penned. He was a "hard-drinking, rough-living, blarney-spouting Boston Irishman. Ex-GI, newspaperman."

Series Books
Jay Flynn
McHugh McHugh (1959)
  It's Murder, McHugh (1960)
  Viva McHugh (1960)
  A Body For McHugh (1960)
  The Five Faces Of Murder (1962)
John M. Flynn
Non-Spy Series The Deadly Boodle (1958)
  Drink with the Dead (1959)
  Terror Tournament (1959)
  The Hot Chariot (1960)
  Ring Around a Rogue (1960)
  One for the Death House (1961)
  The Girl from Las Vegas (1961)
  Deep Six (1961)
  The Screaming Cargo (1962)
  SurfSide 6 (1962)
  Warlock (1976)
  Danger Zone (1977)