1923 - 2006

Writing as: Jay Bernard, Colin Forbes, Richard Raine, Raymond Sawkins

Born in the U.K., Raymond Sawkins, far better known by one of his pen names, Colin Forbes, attended school in London. He joined the work force at 16 employed in the book and magazine publishing business. WWII saw him serving in the British Army in North Africa and the Middle East. When he was demobbed, he returned to the publishing business where he worked for the next 20 years. He started writing in his mid-40s.

Series Books
Jay Bernard
Non-Spy Series The Burning Fuse (1970)
  The Leader and the Damned (1983)
Colin Forbes
Tweed Double Jeopardy (1982)
  Terminal (1984)
  Cover Story (1985)
  The Janus Man (1987)
  Deadlock (1988)
  The Greek Key (1989)
  Shockwave (1990)
  Whirlpool (1991)
  Cross Of Fire (1992)
  By Stealth (1993)
  The Power (1994)
  Fury (1995)
  Precipice (1996)
  The Cauldron (1997)
  The Sisterhood (1998)
  This United State (1998)
  Sinister Tide (1999)
  Rhinoceros (2000)
  The Vorpal Blade (2001)
  The Cell (2002)
  No Mercy (2003)
  Blood Storm (2004)
  The Main Chance (2005)
  The Savage Gorge (2006)
Non-Spy Series Tramp In Armour (1969)
  The Heights Of Zervos (1970)
  The Palermo Ambush (1972)
  Target 5 (1973)
  The Year Of The Golden Ape (1974)
  The Stone Leopard (1975)
  Avalanche Express (turned into a movie) (1976)
  The Stockholm Syndicate (1981)
Richard Raine
David Martini The Corder Index (1967)
  Night Of The Hawk (1968)
  Bombshell (1969)
Raymond Sawkins
Non-Spy Series Snow On High Ground (1966)
  Snow In Paradise (1967)
  Snow Along The Border (1968)