Writing as: David Wellington


According to his Amazon bio page, David Wellington was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He went to Syracuse University and got an MFA in creative writing from Penn State. In addition to his Jim Chapel series, he writes horror novels with series about both vampires and werewolves, amongst other things.

Series Books
Jim Chapel Chimera (2013)
  Minotaur (ss) (2013)
  Myrmidon (ss) (2013)
  The Hydra Protocol (2014)
Non-Spy Series 99 Coffins [Laura Caxton] (2007)
  Vampire Zero [Laura Caxton] (2008)
  Frostbite [Frostbite] (2009)
  23 Hours [Laura Caxton] (2009)
  Ravaged (2010)
  Overwinter [Frostbite] (2010)
  13 Bullets [Laura Caxton] (2011)
  Pass/Fail (2012)
  Plague Zone (2012)
  Rivals (2012)
  32 Fangs [Laura Caxton] (2012)
  Monster Planet (2014)
  Monster Nation (2014)
  Monster Island (2014)