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Stephen Frances

1917 - 1989

Pseudonyms: Stephen Frances, Hank Janson, Richard Williams, Hillary Brand, Ace Capelli, Johnny Grecco, Arthur Kirby, Duke Linton, Steve Markham, Peter Saxon, Desmond Reid, Danny Stephens, Dave Steel, Link Shelton, David Roland, Mark Clinton

An extremely prolific writer throughout his adult life, Stephen Frances started back in the late days of the pulp era. While this British author wrote in a variety of genres, his best known creation was the Hank Janson books which were written with an American style and decidedly American gangster-ish series of titles. In the mid-50s when the governments of England and Ireland began a backlash against the increase of hard action and sensationalistic pulp novels, it was the Janson books that were waved by politicians the most. Interestingly, by that time Frances had moved away from the name and given (?sold?) it to others.

Stephen Frances
John GailThis Woman Is Death (1965)
 To Love And Yet To Die (1966)
 The Ambassador's Plot (1966)
 The Caress Of Conquest (1968)
 Hate Is For The Hunted (1968)
 The Sweet Shame Of Fury (1968)
 Cry For My Lovely (1971)
Non-Spy SeriesDay of Terror (1962)
 The Day the Island Almost Sank (novelization) (1964)
 Bad Boy (1964)
Hank Janson
Non-Spy SeriesWhen Dames Get Tough (1946)
 Scarred Faces (1946)
 Gun Moll for Hire (1948)
 Lady, Mind That Corpse (1948)
 Angel, Shoot to Kill (1949)
 Blonde on the Spot (1949)
 Gunsmoke in Her Eyes (1949)
 Honey, Take My Gun (1949)
 Lilies for My Lovely (1949)
 Slay-Ride for Cutie (1949)
 Smart Girls Donít Talk (1949)
 Sweetheart, Hereís Your Grave! (1949)
 The Bride Wore Weeds (1950)
 The Lady Has a Scar (1950)
 Donít Dare Me, Sugar (1950)
 The Jane with Green Eyes (1950)
 Broads Donít Scare Easy (1951)
 Hotsy, Youíll Be Chilled (1951)
 Death Wore a Petticoat (1951)
 Milady Took the Rap (1951)
 Donít Mourn Me, Toots (1951)
 Baby, Donít Dare Squeal (1951)
 Itís Always Eve That Weeps (1951)
 Conflict (1952)
 Kill Her If You Can (1952)
 The Filly Wore a Rod (1952)
 Killer (1952)
 Tension (1952)
 Suspense (1952)
 Accused (1952)
 Whiplash (1952)
 Auctioned (1952)
 Persian Pride (1953)
 Nyloned Avenger (1953)
 Amok (1953)
 Desert Fury (1953)
 Silken Menace (1953)
 Deadly Mission (1953)
 Torment (1953)
 Corruption (1953)
 One Man in His Time (1953)
 Contraband (1955)
 48 Hours (1955)
 Framed (1955)
 Untamed (1955)
 Menace (1955)
 Escape (1956)
 Devilís Highway (1956)
 Strange Destiny (1956)
 Cactus (1956)
 Bring Me Sorrow (1956)
 The Big Lie (1956)
 Revolt (1957)
 Bewitched (1957)
 Enemy of Men (1957)
 Donít Cry Now (1957)
 Hellcat (1957)
 Avenging Nymph (1958)
 Jack Spot (1958)
 Mistress of Fear (1958)
 Too Soon to Die (1958)
 Kill This Man (1958)
 Sugar and Vice (1958)
 Hate (1958)
 Flight from Fear (1958)
 Invasion (1959)
 Torrid Temptress (1959)
 Wild Girl (1959)
 Bad Girl (1959)
 Come Quickly, Honey (1960)
 This Hood for Hire (1960)
 Beloved Traitor (1960)
 Prey for a Newshawk (1961)
 Downtown Doll (1961)
 Suddenly Itís Sin (1961)
 Delicious Danger (1961)
 Nymph in the Night (1962)
 Rave for a Roughneck (1962)
 Play It Quiet (1962)
 Second String (1963)
 Brand Image (1963)
 Hilaryís Terms (1963)
 Exotic Seductress (1964)
 Fanny (1964)
 Hellís Angel (1964)
 Cold Dead Coed (1964)
 Expectant Nymph (1964)
 Becky (1965)
Richard Williams
Non-Spy SeriesVendetta! [Sexton Blake] (1961)
 Torment Was A Redhead [Sexton Blake] (1962)
 Somebody Wants Me Dead [Sexton Blake] (1962)
 The Slaying of Julian Summers [Sexton Blake] (1963)
 The Sniper [Sexton Blake] (1965)
 The Man With The Iron Chest [Sexton Blake] (1965)
Hillary Brand
Non-Spy SeriesNews Girl (1963)
 Brand T (1964)
Ace Capelli
Non-Spy SeriesThis Man Is Death (1949)
 Give Me Headquarters (1949)
 Death At Every Door (1949)
 Chicago Payoff (1949)
 Never Turn Your Back (1950)
Johnny Grecco
Non-Spy SeriesCall Her Savage aka Lady Take The Chair (1953)
Arthur Kirby
Non-Spy SeriesHigh Summer Homicide [Sexton Blake] (1962)
Duke Linton
Non-Spy SeriesToo Late for Death (1950)
 Shrouds Are Cheap (1950)
 Lips of Death (1950)
 Kill and Desire aka Hounded (1950)
 Five Days to Die (1950)
 Enough Rope aka Snatched (1950)
 Dames Die Too (1950)
 Crazy to Kill aka Trouble With A Woman (1950)
 Bury Me Deep (1950)
Steve Markham
Non-Spy SeriesIt's Not Easy To Die aka Protection Payoff (1949)
Peter Saxon
Non-Spy SeriesWoman of Saigon [Sexton Blake] (1956)
 Danger Ahead [Sexton Blake] (1956)
 Decoy for Murder [Sexton Blake] (1956)
 Flight Into Fear [Sexton Blake] (1956)
 Front Page Woman [Sexton Blake] (1956)
 The Last Days of Berlin [Sexton Blake] (1957)
 The Violent Hours [Sexton Blake] (1957)
 Act of Violence [Sexton Blake] (1957)
 The Voodoo Drum [Sexton Blake] (1958)
 The Sea Tigers [Sexton Blake] (1958)
 The Naked Blade [Sexton Blake] (1958)
 The Violent Ones [Sexton Blake] (1959)
 A Cry in the Night [Sexton Blake] (1959)
 Lovely-But Lethal! [Sexton Blake] (1961)
 Vengeance Is Ours! [Sexton Blake] (1965)
 The Disoriented Man aka Scream and Scream Again (1966)
 The Darkest Night [Sexton Blake] (1966)
 This Spy Must Die [Sexton Blake] (1967)
 The Torturer [Sexton Blake] (1967)
 Dark Ways to Death [Sexton Blake] (1968)
 Black Honey [Sexton Blake] (1968)
 The Haunting of Alan Mais [Sexton Blake] (1970)
 The Killing Bone [Sexton Blake] (1970)
 Vampireís Moon [Sexton Blake] (1972)
Desmond Reid
Non-Spy SeriesDeath on a High Note [Sexton Blake] Revision (1962)
 Cult of Darkness [Sexton Blake] Revision (1963)
 Death Waits in Tucson [Pinkerton Detective Agency] (1966)
 The Deadlier of the Species [Sexton Blake] (1966)
 The Babcock Boys [Pinkerton Detective Agency] (1966)
Danny Stephens
Non-Spy SeriesNot Everybody Died (1964)
Dave Steel
Non-Spy SeriesLady Take the Chair (1949)
 Lovely But Deadly (1952)
 Beauty Found in a Grave (1952)
 Youíll Live to Talk (1953)
 Too Tough for Death (1953)
Link Shelton
Non-Spy SeriesDead Men Don't Love (1949)
David Roland
Non-Spy SeriesRed Star Over London (1971)
Mark Clinton
Non-Spy SeriesCome Again Pecker [Hugh Pecker] (1973)
 Oh! Hugh Pecker [Hugh Pecker] (1973)
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