The Batman Affair
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The Batman Affair

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Part 1 - Deathtraps and Liars - Someone helps the Penguin escape and set up a nasty trap for Batman and Robin. Napoleon Solo learns a THRUSH leader named Olga is having a meeting to lure investors and decides to crash it.
Part 2 - A Spy For A Spy - Olga captures Solo and Kuryakin and is about to use a pendulum to split up the team when Illiya cons her. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin escape being blown up and recapture the Penguin only to learn a lot of arch-criminals have escaped prison.
Part 3 - Villains in a Rush - Batman starts to plan how to find and recapture the escaped super-criminals. Waverly suspects that their escape might be the work of a new THRUSH member, Bruce Wayne.
Part 4 - Bruce Wayne, Agent of THRUSH - Solo, Kuryakin, and Waverly attend a fancy outdoor party hosted by Bruce Wayne to introduce a new satellite but the party is crashed by Egghead out to steal it.
Part 5 - Villains Arise - When Egghead and Poison Ivy succeed in capturing the new satellite, Batman reveals to UNCLE that it was a fake. Meanwhile, Scarecrow and Olga attacks a NATO warship in the North Atlantic.
Part 6 - Secret and Spies - Batman, Robin, and Batgirl video conference with UNCLE New York HQ and learn that the super-villains working with THRUSH have something planned off Monaco.
Part 7 - A Familiar Face - Batman impersonates Bruce Wayne to infiltrate a Monaco high level meeting about to be attacked by THRUSH.
Part 8 - And a Secret Base - Bruce Wayne is taken aboard a THRUSH submarine while the rest of the team follows in a BatSub. At the bottom of the Mediterranean is a underwater facility.
Part 9 - The Incredible Hugo StrangeA gas attack on the underwater facility knocks out villains and heroes alike, putting everyone under the restraint of the mastermind, Dr. Hugo Strange - former head of the Arkham Institute.
Part 10 - A Mind To Change - Hugo Strange is using therapy to get inside the heads of the Bat group and UNCLE agents. They manage to escape briefly but a giant octopus seems unhappy with that.
Part 11 - A Plan Is Hatched - The Bat/UNCLE team are subjected to more hypnotherapy but so are the super-villains and none of them like it.
Part 12 - THRUSH Outmatched - Turning on their boss, Hugo Strange, the super-villains help the Bat/UNCLE team take over the base and then turn on Batman's group. Batman was ready for them.