The Bionic Man Vol 3: End of Everything
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The Bionic Man Vol 3: End of Everything

Written by Rey Villegas (artist), Aaron Gillespie (writer)

A Trade Paperback that collects issues #17-#26 of The Bionic Man comic book series with 2 Comic Stories inside.
1. Desert Deathtrap (Issues #17-#20)
Steve Austin (an iconic character and hero from television) is back in action. He goes up against a mad dictator hell bent on squashing rebels even if he has to destroy his own country and kill millions of innocent people. Austin (The Bionic Man) must stop this nuclear possibility.
2. Dangerous Minds (Issues #21-#26)
Steve and Jaime (The Bionic Duo) together again go up against rogue OSI agents. Just who are the ones that want an end to the OSI, Austin and others?