The Bionic Man Vol 2: Bigfoot!
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The Bionic Man Vol 2: Bigfoot!

Written by Ed Tadeo (artist), Aaron Gillespie (writer), Phil Hester (writer)

A Trade Paperback that collects issues #11-#16 of The Bionic Man comic book series with 2 Comic Stories inside. They are as follows;
1. The Back Forty (Issues #11-#15) - The hero Steve Austin (The Six Million Dollar Man) ends up tracking the legendary Bigfoot who happens to be his strangest adversary yet. It's a primal instinctive creature with mechanical parts. In a foreign territory he must unravel the deadly conspiracy of the creature and find out if there are more.
2. Collaterally Damaged (Issue #16) - Austin reunites with Sommers only to discover that he may be responsible for her transformation that turned her into The Bionic Woman.